Interviewer & Writer

blanche_girouard-260pxBlanche Girouard is a writer and interviewer currently living and working in London.


She discovered her love for interviewing when assisting Professor Paul Thompson in a project interviewing fishermen in Essex. Her first solo project involved interviewing missionaries and their children in Burkina Faso. After that, she turned her attention to the traders of Portobello Market and wrote her first book, Portobello Voices. Since then, Blanche has interviewed all manner of people: cleaners; Catholic priests; authors; artists; homeless men and women; haemophiliacs infected with HIV; women accused of witchcraft; sociologists; women over 70; food bank clients and more. Her interviews have appeared in articles (The Times, The Financial Times, The Observer, The Tablet, The Oldie), been aired on radio (BBC World Service, Radio 4, Resonance RM, American NPR) and been heard, live, by audiences at literary festivals. She was nominated for an award in the ‘Best New Voice’ category of the UK Audio Awards 2018.


Blanche has been writing since the age of 6. At thirteen, she was chosen as the restaurant critic for Harpers and Queen’s teenage edition. In 2009 Blanche was a finalist for the Guardian’s International Journalism competition. She now writes occasional pieces for national newspapers and magazines and is currently in the process of writing a new book (to be published in 2024).